Chiropractic Testimonials

"The Chiropractic method practiced in your clinic is different from the traditional method I have previously experienced. After only 2 sessions at Hassig Family Chiropractic, I am feeling better. This is much sooner than I expected to see results. I am very encouraged and look forward to feeling even better still."

- Sue R.

"Dr. Brad is phenomenal. He listened and explained welled. I’m so glad I found this practice."

- Alecia M.

"The practice runs efficiently and I really like the flexibility and willingness to meet my personal needs. Still can’t believe my feet were fixed in two visits. The key is to get there early when you first start having pain."

- Nancy L.

"I’m excited to be under your care and look forward to many great results with your expertise. I’m impressed with the level of knowledge and dedication you exhibit. Your enthusiasm is contagious!"

- Trixie C.

"Look forward to my next visit!"

- Diane R.

"Best medical facility I’ve ever been to in my life. Can’t wait to go back!"

- Gina W.

"I’m very hopeful my treatment will relieve my neck and shoulder pain. Very nice staff!"

- Stacey C.

"I am very thrilled with the care I am receiving. They are always on time, very accommodating and very knowledgeable! Dr. Brad is the first person to help me!"

- Renee R.

"Dr. Brad and Dr. Lori have significantly added to my personal health in addition to helping several family members."

- James K.

"Great first experience! Thank you for helping me and I will refer you to my friends."

- Forrest T.

"I experienced Wonderful improvement after my first visit! I’m so grateful for the blessings of your practice. I’m looking forward to further successes as I complete this course of treatment."

- Ray R.

"Great experience so far! Looking forward to more treatments to see the progress!"

- Lauren D.

"I had terrible tingling in my fingers and I had gone to every doctor I could think of. I found out about Hassig Family Chiropractic from a good friend. I had tried Physical Therapy and several other doctors before seeking chiropractic care. I had experienced the tingling for about 7 months and I noticed a change almost right away after being adjusted by Dr. Hassig. I am able to enjoy kayaking again. I also use to have lower back pain that has completely gone away since getting adjusted. I did not mention the lower back pain to Dr. Hassig because that was not my main concern, so that is a nice unanticipated benefit from chiropractic care. I like the positive feeling that I feel whenever I come into the office. Everything is upbeat and positive. I felt that everyone believed that I could feel better and I like the understanding of rescheduling and the flexible schedule. I live an hour away, so it is a big commitment for me to come here. I tell everyone that will listen about Dr. Hassig and how chiropractic care has helped me."

- Patient

"My mom brought me to see Dr. Hassig because I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome. I had tried medicine and had to go to two different doctors before I found out I had a stomach issue. I had to drink barium and have testing done to diagnose me. I suffered from my stomach problems for almost 10 months before coming to see Dr. Hassig. It didn’t take long at all to notice a change once I started getting adjusted. I am able to eat more foods than I could before. I like how everyone is really nice at the office here. My Dad wanted to know if coming to the chiropractor actually was helping and I told him that it was helping a lot!!"

- Patient

"I was referred to Dr. Hassig by my parents after I had been in a car accident. I did not try any other treatments for my lower back pain that was a result of my accident. I first noticed the pain about 4 to 5 days after my wreck and I noticed improvement within the first two weeks of care. Before receiving chiropractic care I was not able to enjoy doing yard work or golf without pain. Now I can enjoy them while being pain-free. Some unanticipated benefits from chiropractic care are that I feel generally healthier and I am pain-free. I like how friendly everyone is whenever I come into the office and whenever I call to schedule. The techs are very accommodating. My family and friends are interested in the care I am receiving from Dr. Hassig and they are also interested in the Activator Method. Activator seems to be less invasive than the cracking and popping. I have happily referred to my wife and parents to Dr. Hassig."

- Patient

"I came to Hassig Family Chiropractic because I had pain in my left shoulder for about 15 years. I had tried ibuprofen, massages, exercising, stretching, and avoiding stress if possible, but nothing really worked. Several of my friends and co-workers had told be me about their wonderful experiences at Hassig Family Chiropractic, so I made an appointment. After the third session with Dr. Hassig I began to notice an improvement in my shoulder pain. It was a wonderful relief. I can now turn my neck better, lifting things are easier and I feel like my body is more the way it is supposed to be. Since getting adjusted my headaches have gone away, which was an unanticipated benefit. Also, my shoulders feel more relaxed and my body doesn’t pop and crackle like it used to. The thing I like most about Hassig Family Chiropractic is that everyone here has your well being in mind. They can answer any question about nutrition, supplements and how my body works. It is always convenient and easy to get an appointment and I always see someone here that I know. My friends and family are amazed at how quickly my shoulder pain went away once I started seeing Dr. Hassig. They are curious and interested in how many benefits there are with Chiropractic and how it works. I have gladly referred friends and family to Dr. Hassig because I am so excited about the results and how I feel. I have been telling everyone!!"

- Patient


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