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Recovery workouts for Type A personalities

Up until the past few years, I always considered a workout to be a planned,

vigorous expenditure of energy.  Once I hit 40, my body started to let me know

that those vigorous workouts needed to be accompanied with some active recovery.


Never in the past would I have consider a 20 minute morning walk with my dog Rocco,

or trimming hedges and using a leafblower a “workout”.  Now I see how blasting your body

repeatedly causes it to break down, preventing you from doing the things you truly enjoy.  With

proper planning and restraint, you can still push yourself and get the competitive juices flowing.


On top of planning and restraint, make sure that rest, hydration, and nutrition are accounted for.

Even a Ferrari needs proper fuel and maintenance!  On top of that, take advantage of preventative

chiropractic care.  Much like a luxury car, proper maintanence is much cheaper and more effective

than a complete overhaul!


Good luck making modifications and finding your body’s balance of effort and recovery.  Let me know

what methods you find to be the most effective for you.



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