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New Premium Nutritional and Health Analysis

After receiving numerous requests for more in-depth 

nutritional analysis and recommendations, we have 

developed a premium service to address these needs.


Dr. Brad Hassig has studied nutrition and the role supplements 

play in addressing nutritional and health deficiencies for over 20 years.

Through years of study and his own personal experience with our patients, 

and our own family, he has developed protocols to allow you to 

experience a personal nutritional and health transformation.


If you are not feeling the way you want to feel, or just know that there has

to be a better answer than taking random products based off of Google 

recommendations, we may have the solution.


But be forewarned, this is for serious people that are ready to commit to change.

The evaluation and recommended supplements are designed to create serious 

improvements in your health and vitality.  The supplements are pharmaceutical 

grade and the protocol must be followed strictly to achieve desired results.   


Due to Dr. Brad’s schedule on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, consultation

times are limited. If you are ready to experience a proven health transformation,

call our office at 205-879-4046 to schedule a thorough evaluation.

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